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Afato Medical Corporation and Regency Urgent Care are health care corporations dedicated to promoting a paradigm shift in the delivery of health care.

Our vision is to effect a dynamic change in the conveyance of health, wellness and fitness. At every point of contact we will integrate a conscious awareness of the totality of a person’s health. This will effectively produce a paradigm shift from the prevailing culture of illness and death, to a culture of health and vitality.

Health care, as we know it, is the treatment or management of illness and disease. It involves a process of identifying risk profiles in patients, screening diagnostically and then advising or treating in order to reduce the risk of developing or furthering the illness. This “illness model” is the underpinning of our current health care system.

We believe that health care is not just the absence of a disease or illness, neither is it disease management in order to delay the onset of serious organ damage. Health and Wellness is a dynamic state of well-being in mind, body and spirit that needs to be sustained and supported at its maximum level of fitness and vitality; aspiring to a purpose, a goal, and destiny in living. Join us and our team of “Wellness Professionals” on this exciting journey away from the “illness model” of maintaining life while waiting to be sick and die, to a new proactive paradigm of living and enjoying life at its fullest potential.

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